The Impact Of Silence (ebook)


Break away from the silence that has been taught through generations

There is much power in silence. It cannot be seen nor heard – almost like how society expects women to be – but there is a heaviness to it that weighs on you and fills your soul.

Words unspoken and pain inflicted are buried within, others refusing to acknowledge or give it a second thought.

Includes 2 BONUS Gifts, See below



The Impact of Silence Bonuses

Dear Trust is a meme of the poem in chapter 8. To use to guide the reader through their days, perhaps as a promise to themselves, or to use each line in the poem as individual affirmations.

Connecting with Joy is a guided mediation for the listener to remember in their heart joy that may have been forgotten, joy that’s always been inside of them. It guides then to connect with the details of an experience. The meditation also guides the listener to receive a message and a gift from their higher self. A powerful and enlightening mediation.


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