Achieving Peace is an Act of Defiance

The Way of the Diamond Warrior is a revolution for successful people to:

  • Shed the old rules and vestiges that no longer serve you
  • Step into your power and your truth
  • Embody the peace that’s your birthright

Through 1:1 personal transformation, courses, workshops and spoken material, you:

Uncover and remember your young self who knew the truth of who you are

Gain awareness so as to not repeat patterns

Learn to neutralize the negative energy you’ve carried

Are set free from the limitations that were thrust upon you

The Warrior is home wherever they are.
In our hearts and loving from our hearts is home.

Are you almost at the place of saying and feeling
f**k it” because you’ve spent so much time fighting someone else’s battle, not your own?

You’ve played by the rules, but rules are not freedom. They’ve kept you in a box.

You’ve been using a tremendous amount of energy engaged in battles that are rigged. You can’t win this game.

You want a level playing field.

You either want to lie down and give up. Or you keep running into walls.

You don’t realize the walls you’ve put up are keeping you from what you want.

Achieving Peace is an Act of Defiance.

What does this mean?

It means we’re no longer attached to a situation.

That we’re no longer subconsciously or unconsciously giving our power away to the other person or to the situation.

We’ve expressed all aspects of what we’ve needed to say, feel and experience.

We can talk about a situation with complete neutrality, no longer triggered.

It means we’re not beholden to the rules of society or family to stay stuck and not talk about our feelings.

It means we’ve chosen ourself, to heal, to look at whatever it is straight in the eye, to see the pieces and parts.

It means we’ve taken responsibility for our part, that we see how the person / situation was a catalyst for us, to heal, and to become a better human.

It may mean we’ve set new or stronger boundaries to energetically protect our being.

Come back to the divinity of who you are and be as you are meant to be in the world.

Hi, I’m Stephanie

I understand what it’s like to achieve success according to everyone else’s definition, but still feel unsatisfied.

From a young age, I lived with trauma, addiction, and abuse. I proved my worth by the things around me and by my accomplishments because there was little that felt good inside.

I spent time on people and things rather than on me because that’s what made me feel good.

I had a 27-year career on Wall Street and pushed myself to mental and physical exhaustion in order to achieve and climb the corporate ladder. It never felt like it was enough. So I created bigger things to distract myself.

It wasn’t until I started to understand the impact of my internalized energy that I saw my patterns. That’s when things truly began to shift.

I learned to find my own needs and desires, and direct my life in a way that fed me. I changed my career and set boundaries in my relationships to build a life on my own terms.

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of people find their sense of self and unravel their patterns. I’ve published two international best selling books and spoken extensively on the subject of finding our voice and stepping into our true selves.

I am a warrior for your mission. I am a teacher. Your business, your life, your younger self, your healing journey. I’m a protector of your truths, and I will show and teach you alternative ways to consider doing and being. I break down complex problems into manageable pieces, laying out the road ahead. I open you up to what you haven’t seen and we connect you with the source, the origin point of the distortions you’ve subconsciously held so that they can be transcended.

I see you transform before my eyes and always see the light and perfection of who you really are.

Stand in the legitimacy of who you are.

The Way of the Diamond Warrior is the path you follow as you connect with the core and truth of who you are. It is the journey of remembering, and embodying the wisdom of what it means to consciously co-create a world where we each stand in the sovereign divinity of our own light and unique mission. It is a paradigm of responsible leadership.

I worked with Stephanie on the subject of my personal and business prosperity. It was interactive, insightful and supportive in the direction of travel of my business, and highlighted areas where I might need support in order to continue my progress. I highly recommend these sessions with Stephanie. 


Here’s what you can expect working with me:

With practical tools, guidance, and energy healing, you’re empowered with new awarenesses including:

You'll gain clarity.

A lot of the time when we’re just trying to get through the day, we can’t see our own stuff. I can help you bring it all forward and blast through it, so you can find your own sense of peace and purpose again.

Uncover the divinity that's at your core.

I’m not talking airy-fairy spiritual bypassing methods that leave many unsatisfied. Instead, our work is to uncover who you are underneath all the layers — the stories you’ve carried with you.

See that you belong.

Many people feel more and more disconnected from each other and from themselves. Finding your path back to yourself can help you finally find a sense of connection with the world as well.

Find your power.

The world wants you to live by other people’s definition of success. You’re doing everything you can to live up to this, but it leaves you feeling more and more disconnected. We can powerfully turn this around.

Disentangle from toxic judgement.

Find clarity to be able to hear yourself think by turning off the noise of the outside world. This includes the old stories running in the background.

Stephanie has helped me gain so much clarity and peace of mind over some serious challenges.

– SL
Coaching Client

Reclaim your self.


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