Embody The Happiness That Is Your Birthright



There is much power in silence. It cannot be seen nor heard – almost like how society expects women to be – but there is a heaviness to it that weighs on you and fills your soul.

Words unspoken and pain inflicted are buried within, others refusing to acknowledge or give it a second thought.

But why do we let this silence into our heart? Why do we not listen to our heartbeat, to the soul that is reaching out to us, begging for our attention? When people expect and demand so much of our being, you begin to lose yourself;

You begin to grow out of the hobbies that kept you entertained or forget the little things that made you happy and unique until you’re a shell, settling for a career or life that is far from content.

Don’t let yourself be emptied out and filled with the world’s expectations. You are not replaceable. You are not just a pretty face in a hungry crowd. You are a woman who has been conditioned to think and feel in a way that is expected of you. It is a pattern that has repeated itself over and over again and it’s about time it was broken.

Don’t let The Impact of Silence stop you from living the “real” life you were meant to live.

Why Should You Read The Impact of Silence?

Many successful women live their entire adult lives achieving outward success, but still don’t feel satisfied. Their lives often look like this:

  • A successful career (that no longer excites and challenges you).
  • Relationships that “look” great (but lack the intimacy and connection you crave).
  • “Perfect” personal lives (that feel constantly driven by someone else’s expectations).

When the rules you’ve lived your life by no longer fit, it can feel like life’s thrown you a giant curveball, leaving you without a system to follow. On top of that, you may feel like as you’ve lost your sense of being in the process.


    With interviews, stories and beautifully designed exercise and invitations, you will:

    1. Step into a new way of being, centered in the truth of who you are.
    2. Start releasing yourself from the cycle of indecision, losing countless amounts of time and energy when you don’t know what you want.
    3. Understand how multiple facets of your life have been invisibly impacted.
    4. Stop wasting your time and money with myriad and alternative therapies trying to FIX things (you are not broken, my love)

    The Impact of Silence touches on the key science behind generational appropriation and why you may feel the way you do, as it explores your brain, energy, psychology, parenting, family systems, spirituality and history. It’s an exceptionally powerful book for women in business.

    Come back to the divinity of who you are and be as you are meant to be in the world.

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    Why read this book? Here’s what the initial readers are saying:

    If you feel that you have spent too long living by the ‘be seen and not heard’ rule, Stephanie McAuliffe gives you the tools to be able to find and use your voice.

    Stephanie shares her powerful stories of how staying silent has impacted on her life physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is a wake-up call to give yourself permission to reclaim your sovereignty and move forward with joy.

    I recommend this book to anyone who feels that they have been stopped from speaking-up in the past and now they are ready to connect to who they really are and let their light shine!

    – Pat Duckworth, Women’s Wellness & Menopause Workplace Strategist.

    Stephanie’s ability to share her story with complete and utter vulnerability is absolutely amazing and powerful.

    Not only is her story impactful, but this book is a deep dive in so many amazing, beautiful layers of trust, intuition, and healing.

    It empowers the readers to remind them that they have the power within and to trust that the journey they are on is a personal one.

    I love Stephanie’s ability to share her amazing tools and meditations especially my personal favorite, “joy.” Highly recommended!

    – Robin Joy Meyers, Joy Architect, Molecular Geneticist, Speaker, Author.