Embody The Happiness That Is Your Birthright


Join Stephanie as she shares her own journey of coming to a deep trust within herself, where at the age of 53, she experienced the end of her 10-year marriage and her 27-year career on Wall Street. Of how she healed the deep scars attached to her stories, and to ultimately step into her own sovereignty.

The Impact of Silence gives you a path. A motto Stephanie lives by is: “There is no story that can’t be healed.”


The Impact of Silence

SELF-MASTERY PRACTICES FOR WOMEN: Stepping into Your Power and Embodying the Happiness That’s Your Birthright

What happens when everything you’ve lived your life by is all of a sudden gone? Your career. Your marriage or partner. You find you’ve entered into a metaphorical void. Who are you?

 Mid-life crisis is often seen as a man driving a new sports car or leaving his old life behind. As a woman, it may be expressed as a dark night of the soul, where you make the choice to find your own deeper meaning.

This book touches on key science behind generational appropriation that affects you, your ancestry and society. With beautifully designed exercises and invitations, it reminds you that you are not alone. You will finally be able to release unhealthy relationships and simultaneously birth a new one with yourself.

Customer Reviews

A Powerful and Empowering Book

This is a brilliant book for stepping into power and living truth. It’s for successful women live their entire adult lives and still don’t feel satisfied. It’s an invitation into a new way of being, to shed the old rules, and to live a deeply satisfying life. Thanks to Stephanie McAuliffe for making an impact with what she offers in these pages.

Ben Gioia, Speaker, Coach, #1 Author, President of Influence With A Heart

For those Who Want to Live Beyond the Story

How refreshing to find a perspective that says, “wear the world around you like a loose garment, untethered by the stories that used to define you.” Author Stephanie McAuliffe takes the reader on a practical and yet deeply spiritual journey to finding your own true voice, of being your own witness and returning to the joy that is your divine right. She offers exercises and tools that are truly lifechanging.

Lana McAra (Rosey Dow)

An invitation to healing and hope

Stephanie once again gets it right–through The Impact of Silence she knows exactly how to strike the balance between guidance and the spirit. Each section is a gift to be received and savored as she walks you through the right questions that lead to reclaiming a voice and charting a richer future.

Jennifer Kirby

Why Should You Read The Impact of Silence?

Many successful women live their entire adult lives achieving outward success, but still don’t feel satisfied.  When the rules you’ve lived your life by no longer fit, it can feel like life’s thrown you a giant curveball, leaving you without a system to follow. On top of that, you may feel like as you’ve lost your sense of being in the process.

    With interviews, stories and beautifully designed exercises and invitations, you will:


    Step into a new way of being, centered in the truth of who you are.


    Start releasing yourself from the cycle of indecision, losing countless amounts of time and energy when you don’t know what you want.


    Understand how multiple facets of your life have been invisibly impacted.


    Stop wasting your time and money with myriad and alternative therapies trying to FIX things (you are not broken, my love)

    Come back to the divinity of who you are and be as you are meant to be in the world.

    Why read this book? Here’s what the initial readers are saying:

    If you feel that you have spent too long living by the ‘be seen and not heard’ rule, Stephanie McAuliffe gives you the tools to be able to find and use your voice.

    Stephanie shares her powerful stories of how staying silent has impacted on her life physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is a wake-up call to give yourself permission to reclaim your sovereignty and move forward with joy.

    I recommend this book to anyone who feels that they have been stopped from speaking-up in the past and now they are ready to connect to who they really are and let their light shine!

    – Pat Duckworth, Women’s Wellness & Menopause Workplace Strategist.

    Stephanie’s ability to share her story with complete and utter vulnerability is absolutely amazing and powerful.

    Not only is her story impactful, but this book is a deep dive in so many amazing, beautiful layers of trust, intuition, and healing.

    It empowers the readers to remind them that they have the power within and to trust that the journey they are on is a personal one.

    I love Stephanie’s ability to share her amazing tools and meditations especially my personal favorite, “joy.” Highly recommended!

    – Robin Joy Meyers, Joy Architect, Molecular Geneticist, Speaker, Author.