Step fully into the truth that is you.

Hi, I’m Stephanie

I love to connect with the energy of all things. People, plants, trees, crystals. To connect with the beauty of them, their essence that often goes unnoticed. To find the hidden treasure. The energy that drives them. Their light. I see the good in all things. I believe in the good of all things. That we are all born perfect and divine.

My Story

When I was young, I took on the world as if it was my responsibility. Back then, we didn’t know about healthy boundaries and I certainly didn’t understand discernment. The thoughts and energies of those I grew up around, along with my own stories, lived in my subconscious and invisibly informed my decision making for many years.

I had a lot of stories. I’m the 4th generation of women in my family deeply affected by growing up and living around alcoholism. I experienced sexual abuse multiple times at a young age. I numbed my own pain, didn’t feel safe to speak up, and did what I thought I was supposed to do in order to make my way and survive. I followed the “rules” and I followed in the footsteps of the women who walked before me. Along the way, I lost the connection to true joy in my life.

I stepped away from church because the God I grew up with didn’t support me. It was rules I couldn’t live up to, judgment when I’d done nothing but be myself, and a place where women weren’t seen as equal. The God of my upbringing was more about control than love. The God / Spirit / Consciousness I speak of now is beyond the religion of my early years and only knows deep love for all of us.

My life has always been about solving puzzles and seeing the interconnections in things. Before the age of 2, I saw the beauty in a blade of grass and how the blades all fit together. At this age, I was also communicating via my heart before I was able to articulate my feelings through words.

Not long after, I turned myself off, because it wasn’t safe to feel. It was easier to put all of my effort into the people and things around me because this was how I felt worthy.

My 27-year career on Wall Street was steeped in technology, and project and program management. It continued my love of seeing the pieces and how they fit into the bigger picture. When I delivered a project, it made me feel good. But it was never enough, and I always ended up reaching for something bigger. What this comes from is trauma. On the outside it looked like I had it all together. On the inside, not so much.

Through the years, I went to therapy, did 12-step, cleaned out and organized my closets, made lists, did Feng Shui, created mantras and affirmations. They all helped to a point, and I still felt stuck.

After I was transitioned out of my Wall Street executive position not long after my second divorce, I had the choice to continue to suffer in silence, or give a voice to what wanted to be seen.

I went into a profound state of learning and healing. Unraveling my stories and working to understand the “why.” When I voiced some of the most shameful things I was holding within me, they lost their iron grip. There is nothing that can’t be shared and nothing that can’t be healed when you approach your journey with openness and honesty.

I deeply understand the impact of trauma held within the body, and the importance to our vitality, to clear and heal it. I did the work I now share with you.

Through my own journey, I found that much of what I carried wasn’t my own, which included ancestral patterns, and energies from my own past lives. I learned that:

  • the hard boundaries I’d created actually kept me away from what I really wanted;
  • the stories I told myself about thriving in chaos and of being a “survivor” kept me attached to the very stories I worked hard to get away from;
  • putting my heart and soul into everything around me – the career, house, gardens, relationships – took me further and further away from who I really am and left me feeling empty when life shifted;
  • God is not a punishing God. It’s the people who were around me acting out of their own pain that was punishing. Once I let go of feeling like a victim of the world, I was able to see the bigger picture.

It can feel like a divine conspiracy. The stories we create, experience, and continue to tell ourselves, are what actually keeps us away from who we truly are.

My mission now is working with clients and watching them step into the next level of themselves. Helping them to understand the pieces of their own puzzle and thus free themselves of old patterns and stories. It’s an honor to stand in and share the healing gifts I’ve been given and entrusted.

My work with clients encompasses a vast toolbox of modalities which combines the practical and metaphysical.

Your purpose, at it’s very base, is to reconnect with the joy and love that you were born with, that are inherently yours. What you do doesn’t define who you are. The journey is to reconnect with yourself out from underneath the layers of your stories. To thrive in a world that feels like it wants otherwise.

The Way of the Diamond Warrior was created as a revolution to a new state of being in this world. You have facets that want to be seen, most importantly by you. You’re not here to be controlled or manipulated or silenced. The silencing isn’t just of your voice, it’s of your soul. There are millions of things that needed to happen for your existence here on this planet. The fact that you’re here speaks to your legitimacy. It goes far beyond worthiness.

When you let go of the reins to the world around you, and focus on the truth of who you really are, your essence emanates from you. There’s nothing you need to prove anymore. As you shift, the world around you naturally shifts, and the only change may be within you. This is true, incredible freedom.

I believe there is no story that can’t be given a voice. I teach you alternative ways of doing and being. I see you transformed before my very eyes and always see the light and perfection of who you are. Some of my clients thought they’d always have to live with their pains. Through our work together, they’ve been able to forever free themselves.

In addition to 27 years on Wall Street:
  • I founded and operated a gourmet preserves business ahead of its time
  • I’m an international best-selling author
  • I’ve worked and trained with healers and coaches worldwide
  • I’m a Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master
  • I’m a certified Oracle Guide, an intuitive healer, and studied mediumship with world-renowned mediums
  • I led all sessions for a 3-day Serenity Retreat in January 2020 for 65 women
  • I’m in the March 2020 movie “Speakers Who Dare” as the sole healer who dares.
  • In my free time, I’m an avid cyclist, nature enthusiast, and a lover of art and live music. I fully use all of my senses to enjoy this wondrous life I’ve been given.

Stephanie is an amazing healer and one of the most powerful energy workers I have ever met. She knows how to get to the roots and pour fresh nurturing soil around them for new growth and beginnings.

She literally has magic in her hands.

Dallin Brimhall
Shaman & Massage Therapist

Stephanie has helped me gain so much clarity and peace of mind over some serious challenges.

– SL
Coaching Client

Stop wondering is this it?

Step fully into the truth that is you.