How Bubbles Reflect Our Energy

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Blowing bubbles as a kid was always a favorite thing to do.

No matter how small the soap holder, it was always a challenge to see how big a bubble you could create. The competition with my brothers was endless, and fun.

Your breath blows into the soap and a bubble is formed. The bubble glows and sparkles as it reflects the sun and floats through the air. When it pops, the air dissipates as does the soap.

Now imagine the bubble is a thought, feeling or emotion you’re not able to fully express. Instead of blowing out, it’s as if you swallow the bubble.

At some point the bubble pops, and the energy of it remains to float around your body. The soap is left to stick within your cells.

Eastern medicine has known for centuries that our meridians and the flow of energy through the body is a key to our health and vitality.

When our thoughts, feelings or emotions are internalized, they get stuck within the body. There’s a correlation between our internalized energy and the organs in which they’re stored.

If you have an issue with a certain area in your body, it may be directly connected with a situation where you may not have felt able to express yourself, or where you weren’t able to fully resolve a situation.

This table is a simplified version of the relationship between our emotions and where they’re stored in the body.

Organ / Meridian Primary Negative Emotions Primary Positive Emotions
Stomach Disgust, despair, nervous, stifled, anger at lack of nurturing Nurturing, honors self
Spleen / Pancreas Low self-esteem, hopelessness, distrust, guilt, revenge Self-love, self-confidence, success, abundance
Lung Grief, sadness, yearning, cloudy thinking, anguish, isolation Acknowledges and releases loss, letting go
Large Intenstine Dogmatic, defensive, harbors tragedy / family estrangement Make choices without regret, feelings of abundance
Bladder Paralyzed will, timid, wishy-washy, inefficient Courage, action
Kidney Fear, dread, overly contemplative Enthusiasm, spontanaeity, humor, expansiveness
Gallbladder Resentful, stubborn, emotionally repressed, indecisive, rage New perspectives, expressive
Liver Anger, irrationality, frustration, resentment, depression Originality, imagination, vitality
Heart Lack of emotion, fear of love, cynicism Love, admiration, respect
Small Intestine Vulnerable, abandoned, unrequited love, suppression, shame Self acceptance, inner honesty
Prostate / Testicles / Ovaries / Uterus / Pituitary (Pericardium) Depleted, fears rejection, sexual trauma stored as rage or grief Joy, happiness, good social interactions
Thyroid, Adrenals (Triple Warmer) Muddled thinking, emotional instability, up and down, betrayal Discernment, healthy trust and forgiveness
Governing Vessel Arrogance, disdain, false self-assuredness, unprocessed shock Make life changes with minimal stress
Central Vessel Shame, humiliation, self-conscioiusness, bullied, unprocessed shock Make life changes with minimal stress
Organ Meridian Emotion Map


There are many healing modalities that delve deeply into this, and one in which I work with as part of my cauldron of healing tools called Core Talk.

For generations our emotions have been silenced.

The Lost Generation who fought WWI, didn’t feel safe to speak about the atrocities they’d seen. The Silent Generation experienced the Great Depression. Baby Boomers experienced McCarthyism and Vietnam. It continues with Gen Z who’s being called The New Silent Generation.

It’s no wonder that so many seem like the walking wounded, and that diseases are at record levels.

My heritage is one of the stiff upper-lip. Silence wasn’t golden.

Rather, it built upon the toxicity passed from generation to generation under the family roof. There was little space for expression. What was modeled was to ignore and push through.

I swallowed a lot of bubbles.

It’s no wonder that among other things, I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia at the height of a situation where I felt pitted against both my mother and my husband. Years of anger and feeling abandoned culminated in a diagnosis.

Stress and anxiety can exacerbate symptoms such as heartburn, acid reflux, and chest discomfort, which are common in individuals with hiatal hernias. Left undiagnosed, a hiatal hernia may also affect cardiac and respiratory function.

It’s estimated that 15 – 20% of the western population is affected. This is just one example of the effect of our swallowed bubbles and unprocessed emotions.

Drugs (PPI’s) worked until I got to the real underlying issue and chose to heal.

What was confusing is that I’d been to therapy and had been in Al-Anon.

I’d done a lot of work, mentally. But I hadn’t cleared the energy.

If you think about the bubbles you’ve swallowed, that may be a whole bunch of unexpressed energy floating around in your body waiting to be healed.

Our silence keeps us trapped within our own bubble.

It’s time to stop eating soap, and to heal and give a voice to our internalized thoughts, feelings, and emotions at a deeper level.

Where we get to reflect the greatness of who we are, as we shine and reflect the sun just like the bubbles we blew as kids.

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