What Reflection Do You See?

by | Feb 25, 2020 | Blog

When you look at pictures of yourself, now and at an earlier age, what do you see?

Go beyond your physical attributes and feel into the energy of the pictures. Maybe even close your eyes for a moment.

What is the journey telling you?

Is there something you’ve been carrying that you’re ready to let go of? Are you drawn to a particular part of your body? If you were to ask yourself for one piece of wisdom, what would it be?

For years, I hated my smile. Logically I associated this feeling with my teeth. They’re a little crooked. They were never sparkly white.

Circa 1979

I realize now that I didn’t like my smile because I wasn’t happy inside. Looking at a picture with me smiling in it, I felt the sadness. I knew the smile wasn’t a reflection of how I truly felt.

The discomfort wasn’t a physical attribute. It was my own energy being reflected. Every. Single. Time.

There were times where true joy was being expressed and you can feel it viscerally. It’s like an invitation to jump in and have fun.

I recently worked with an amazing photographer. My professional pictures being 3+ years old and no longer reflect me.

At the beginning of the photo shoot, Sierra said, “you like that serious look, don’t you?” I thought about it and realized I was reacting to picture taking that was an old pattern.

My smile emerged and we began to play.

This morning, I received the proofs. Yes, there are some serious shots, yet the old sadness is gone. I see wisdom and introspection. There is also play. And joy.

Photo by Sierra Hinckley Photography

Is everything in my life perfect? Absolutely not!

But I’ve learned that I can spend a lot of energy pushing away what it is I don’t want to feel, or I can use equal or less energy to clear what’s come up for me.

The transformation is a beautiful reflection of this journey called life.

So… go back to the questions posed to you at the beginning of this post.

There’s something waiting for you to heal and let go of. It could be an old hurt, an old trauma, or a certain way you feel about something. There’s some beautiful reflection that can happen when you look.

Your soul wants to talk with you. Are you willing to listen?

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