Client Journeys

Kathy was unsure about her marriage, had issues at work, and was unclear how she wanted to move forward. Her life felt in a total state of flux. Through our work together, she gained clarity on her forward path and she set a timeline for herself that felt good to her. She learned new ways to set healthy boundaries at work and at home, and she understood more deeply how past relationships influenced her present situations. With energy work we cleared old blocks that were holding her back opening her to make more informed decisions. She completed our work together with a much deeper feeling of trust within herself. She implemented her plan in her way, empowered as she moved forward.
Mark came to me experiencing sleepless nights, unexplained aches and pains, and challenges with family and business. He didn’t feel deep intimacy in his relationships. Much of our work revolved around clearing old resentments and coming to a state of neutrality, so he was no longer triggered by hurtful situations. He was able to connect more deeply with himself and his spiritual practice, and experienced a thawing in his hardened self. He connected with a deep trust in what he knows to be true, which had been lost under old stories. He created a better relationship with his son, and began speaking in a new way, including finding a voice for his younger self to safely speak.

Stephanie is amazing at meeting you where you are and seeing beyond any current filters or program you’ve been running responsible for that feeling of stuck that was in your mind (and your body)!!! So much can be done with her beautiful guidance, energy release and clearing. Highly recommend!!!

Michele Laine
Intuitive Life Coach

Stephanie is outstanding at quickly going beyond where you can go on your own, helping you to locate the cause of what’s going on for you!!!

Jade Rehder
Master Energy Alchemist

When Pam and I started to work together, she was experiencing a lot of health issues, which took a lot of time and money away from her business. She also wasn’t connecting with clients which affected sales. As a child, she’d experienced extended illnesses and anxiety which was still coming through as an adult. A lot of our work together revolved around clearing the unhealthy ties to family, and resentments around not being heard as a child. She was able to set healthier boundaries with her mother and husband, and redefined her relationship with each. She began to experience her definition of success and her business in now thriving.
Alicia wasn’t owning who she was and who she knew she was meant to be. We cleared her fears around taking action, as well as past life energies around speaking her truth. She let go of the push to do and instead created time to plan and heal. She embraced being an introverted leader, and let go of comparison. She’s now firmly established in her coaching business.

I worked with Stephanie on the subject of my personal and business prosperity. It was interactive, insightful and supportive in the direction of travel of my business, and highlighted areas where I might need support in order to continue my progress. I highly recommend these sessions with Stephanie.


Stephanie has helped me gain so much clarity and peace of mind over some serious challenges.


Highly insightful. It’s almost like what I knew and what I didn’t know – all at the same time. It was an amazing experience full of the guidance I needed. Fulfilling, astute, higher guidance and still light, fun, and insightful. – K