What Do You Know To Be True?

by | Mar 3, 2020 | Blog

There can be two people standing in a room and at least three truths.

Your truth, their truth, and the truth between the two of you.

All three are right.

It’s a beautiful and messy entanglement.

The unfortunate thing in society today is, we’re made to feel that if someone doesn’t agree with our truth that we’re wrong.

But this is absolutely not the truth, and much of this energy is based on fear.

I’m not talking about science. I’m referring to our human condition.

The invitation is to look at a situation where you and another aren’t in agreement.

Have you felt like you were made to be wrong, because they didn’t agree?

Did you yourself begin to doubt your truth, because it isn’t the other person’s?

So, if you can look at it from a bird’s eye view, are you able to see that your truth is just as true as their truth?

Rather than expending tremendous energy trying to get the other person over to your side,


feeling beat up because the other person is pushing their truth on you,

it’s an opportunity to come to center and let go.

We can agree to disagree with a person, love and see them just as they are, and not have any expectation of them coming over to understand or believe our truth.

Honoring differences we have with each other,

and then making an empowered choice of how we want to move forward with the relationship.

When we stand in our truth, we stand in our strength.

When we stand in our strength, the trust in ourselves grows.

Trust in ourselves, allows us to stand taller and make more informed decisions.

There are many truths in this world, and that in and of itself is the beauty of the entanglement of our human condition.

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