The Miracle of Being You

by | Dec 3, 2019 | Blog

“To be or not to be.” Those famous words spoken thousands of times by Prince Hamlet.

Rather than contemplating the unfairness of life, what small miracle did you experience over the Thanksgiving holiday?

It may be that you spent a blissfully peaceful day alone.

You may have spent it with peeps who totally get you.

Family, friends, too many people, not enough people, too much time, not enough time.

Even if something went sideways and not as planned, in what way did something shift for you?

When we’re present for whatever life brings us, we’re able to see the miracles bestowed to us, and life can be magical in the smallest of moments.

No matter how you spent the day or days, what part of you arose in a different way? A thought pattern, something you did, something you said, or didn’t do or say.

Celebrate it!

Because miracles are everywhere.

And stepping into the space to be completely yourself is the miracle of you being you.

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