The Layers We Carry

by | Apr 7, 2020 | Blog

Every time you experience an annoyance, a hurt, a betrayal, an argument or some other negative event, and the emotion from that event isn’t fully cleared, another layer of negative energy is stored in your body.

Layer over layer is built up within you.

Each one of those layers is like carrying another rock. It’s no wonder why our bodies get so tired over time.

It’s not anybody’s fault.

We as a society haven’t been taught to healthily express our emotions.

Emotions make people uncomfortable.

And we’ve been taught that making someone else uncomfortable isn’t good either.

We’ve become afraid to express ourselves, receiving messages to be quiet and fall in line, from many sides.

Sometimes you’re not able to safely express yourself.

The other person may be volatile, you may have a boss who likes to push people’s buttons, or the other person may not be emotionally available to have a healthy conversation.

When the other person can’t really hear you and listen, because of their own wounds, your emotions have nowhere to go.

So, another layer gets thrown on to the aches and pains you’re already feeling.

I had a client in CA who was experiencing extreme headaches that would come and go. Many tests and scans, but the doctors couldn’t find anything physically wrong. They were ready to put him on some heavy-duty drugs because they didn’t know what else to do.

In our work together, as we dug deeper, we connected his wife’s volatility being directed at him with the flare ups in his head. We found the link to the emotional manifestation within his body. We also uncovered a related pattern in him that went many year’s back.

Through energy healing, we cleared layers of internalized energy.

And with his new awareness, he was able to make more informed decisions about how he wanted to move forward. Awareness in just a few sessions.

It’s this awareness that opens the door for you.

What can you do for yourself, right now?

Start with how you’re feeling. If there’s something you haven’t been able to express, grab a pen and paper and write as if you’re writing a letter.

Everything you’re thinking about the situation or person. All of your thoughts, emotions, questions, how you feel. Until there’s nothing left.

Then if you want to go deeper, you may write even more to discover how these thoughts, feelings and emotions are similar to something prior in your life. They many times are.

Because when you have your own awareness, you too are able to make different, and thus, more informed decisions.

If you want or need help, reach out. Too many of us are carrying layers that are ready to be released. And we don’t release these layers alone.

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