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by | Dec 31, 2019 | Blog

Every year around this time we’re made to feel inspired to set goals for what we want to create and how we want to be in the coming year. There’s a push to define what the year will look like, what we’ll look like, starting on 1/1.

Yet statistics show that by mid-January, many of us have walked away from those promises we made to ourselves just a few weeks earlier.

It’s no wonder why we love to hate making resolutions.

My theory as to why?

When our resolutions are made from a place of logic, we’re not really connected to them. We may think we are. Yet logic has very little to do with what we really create.

When you create from your mind, from thought, it’s like a wave of energy passing through.

It’s not until you’re truly creating from your heart that what you’re seeking manifests.

We’ve been raised to think logically, to live logically. To push to produce. But how many times have you thought about what you want to do, only for it to peter out?

This year, you’re invited to approach the new year from a different perspective. From your heart.

Find a few moments to sit in a quiet place, close your eyes and breathe normally. Now ask your heart –

~ What would you like to create in 2020?

~ What would you like to shift or change?

~ How would you like me to be?

~ What do you crave?

Then sit quietly and feel into what comes to you.

When your heart speaks to you, you’re tapping in to your intuition. And your heart speaks truth.

It’s an opportunity to listen without judgment.

You may receive insight that feels a bit uncomfortable, like your heart wanting you to leave a job, or a relationship. Or it may open you up to something you hadn’t thought about. It’s all information.

The beautiful thing is that you don’t have to do anything about it today, or even tomorrow. It takes the pressure off of how and when. And you can do this anytime of the year.

This too is where free will comes in. You have the choice to act, or not.

Even better, you can take time to live in the question of what if, and allow things to percolate. It gives you time to put a plan in place. Then doing something when you’re ready.

This way of living isn’t without challenges, just like living from our logical mind. It requires a level of trust that feels unfamiliar at first. Building trust in what your heart is telling you is just like building a muscle. It may wobble at first, but every time you exercise it, it gets stronger.

And when you think about it, how many times has your mind pulled you down a path that turned out to not be the best thing for you?

May your 2020 be filled with love and joy and lots of what-if’s.

Stephanie B. McAuliffe
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