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We think of the conventional world is the things we can see. Yet, there’s so many things beyond convention that directly affect the visual and energetic world in which we live.

When we look at a complete ecosystem, that’s where we start to find more of the answers of what really affects us. Because it’s some of the things that we can’t see, but that are right here in front of us, that so deeply impact our day to day living.

It’s when we go beyond convention that we actually find more of the answers we seek.

In this journey of healing the breast cancer within my body, conventional medicine would have me get a mastectomy, then radiation and chemotherapy. Then a form of immunotherapy such as Tamoxifen, that’s a known carcinogen in and of itself. It feels like a sledgehammer was going to be thrust upon my body, focused on the one thing that could be seen. It didn’t feel right.

So, I took time to research. Hours watching a 11-part docu-series on alternative treatments. Going down the rabbit hole researching options. I now have an extensive spreadsheet on therapies, books, supplements, and clinics. Every minute was worth it because it led me to two options based on the same science.

In one day, I met with someone from a clinic in Mexico as well as a local naturopathic doctor. Mexico for three weeks of intensive treatments sounded great. While this is more comprehensive than conventional allopathic medicine, it didn’t go far enough.

I’ve been on a quest to get to the root of what’s going on in my body.

In my two-hour consultation with the naturopathic doctor, we talked about the world around me and other factors beyond the cancer. She combines science with nature and we’re diving in.

I had my apartment tested for mold and it came back positive. As my doctor said, coming home to a toxic environment takes away from the therapies received and could exacerbate the challenges with my health. The mold will be cleaned up next week.

I’ve had a tooth that’s bothered me for years. It’s been through a root canal and had the cap replaced. It never felt right. I had multiple conversations with my old dentist about pulling the tooth, and his argument was always to save it.

Our teeth align with meridians in the body. I’ve known this for years. (This is a great tooth meridian chart

In the conversation with my doctor, she shared that many cancer patients have a malabsorption of nutrients. Not only is tooth 30 associated with the large intestine, it’s also connected with your sinuses, stomach, and mammary glands. When the tooth issues started, I was experiencing chronic sinus infections. PPI’s were prescribed for stomach issues. Now the breast cancer.

My research uncovered how root canals often cause more harm than good, as the infection may remain underneath the tooth and continue to be circulated into the bloodstream. The toxins travel through the body’s lymphatic system and affect the associated meridian. I spent lots of money trying to save something that wasn’t meant to be saved.

Does it all come down to one tooth? It’s hard to say. But the more I explore, the more I see even more deeply how everything’s connected. Tooth 30 was pulled yesterday.

We’re doing an ALCAT test on 250 foods and 50 herbs to measure cellular reactions that cause chronic inflammation. Based on what comes back, my diet will change, probably dramatically. There is no one specific anti-cancer diet.

I’m doing a full body BioResonance scan to scan my muscles, nerves, organs, arteries, and blood vessels, because we want to know the complete picture.

It’s not just about dealing with the tumor, this is about my complete ecosystem.

We’re working with an organization in Greece called RGCC. They’re in the process of analyzing my blood to determine what feeds the cancer within me, as well as what kills it. We’ll receive information about the effect of specific anti-cancer drugs, targeted therapies and natural treatments. We’ll also know the extent of circulating tumor cells, cells that broke off from the original tumor, as this is what cancer does.

Yes, low dose chemo is now an option. Whereas I opposed blasting my body with chemo as a sledgehammer to hope it works as a one-size fits all, we’re now going to know what we need to focus on, how, and in what order to put that focus.

It’s unfortunate that allopathic medicine doesn’t always look at the whole being.

Doctors aren’t given the grace of time, nor are we as patients always patient. We’ve been trained to want an immediate answer based on what we can see. It takes time, effort and coordination to develop a complete picture. It took me taking the time to do my own research, ask a lot of questions, and to ask for what I want.

The other challenge is that health insurance doesn’t cover the non-conventional route. The challenge with this mindset is they’re willing to put off paying a little extra now for what may be much larger costs later.

It’s a risk-reward gamble and it’s gambling with our lives.

I actually feel what I’m doing is very conventional because my medical team is looking at my complete body and ecosystem.  This way I can confidently step into the treatments that are ahead, with a plan and a focus that blends nature and science, with what will work for me.

I’m paving a path not only for myself, but for others to be able to make a more informed choice for themselves.

I’m doing all I can now so I’m not living in fear of when and what if.

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