Be Your Own Holiday Hero

by | Oct 29, 2019 | Blog

The holidays are upon us. Like it or not.

For some, they’re a time of happy gatherings. For others, not so much.

Beginning today and every Tuesday through New Year’s Eve, I’ll be sharing ways to thrive rather than survive through the holidays, with grace. Because don’t we all want to be like Sally in When Harry Met Sally and hear people think or say, “I’ll have what (s)he’s having?”

First, this is your opportunity to review holidays past. I know, I see your eyes rolling. But think of it as a script review. 

What went well? How was someone able to push your buttons and how did you react? Whose buttons did you want to push and why? How did you feel when you walked out the door? What would you do differently?

Rather than wanting to roll up like an armadillo to protect yourself to make sure the past doesn’t get repeated, you get to imagine a new ending.

Imagine approaching the holidays as a super hero, combining the best of Mario, Yoshi and Luigi. As was done in the game, becoming your own superhero and implanting your own personality into Mario’s character. With none the wiser.

When we see family as actors in our play, we get to write our own script.

Embodying their best:

💖 Mario, brave and kind-hearted. Rather than reacting, instead seeing that people are acting out of their own unexpressed emotions and much of what they do and say has nothing to do with you.

🦖 Yoshi, cheerful, innocent and playful. How will you want to walk in to gatherings with a new set of eyes, as if meeting these people for the first time?

💫 Luigi, although afraid of ghosts and somewhat self-restrained, he overcomes his fears and always ends up coming through. When you feel yourself getting pulled into a repeated conversation or situation from the past, know that it’s OK to politely walk away and let someone know you need a breath of fresh air. Creating space breaks the energy of a situation.

You don’t need to carve out extra time to do this. While you’re in the tub or shower, see in your mind’s eye the ending of how your holidays will play out. Focus on what you do want to happen. Each day, rinse and repeat.

Now’s the time to create your plan for the holidays and set yourself up for success as your own super hero.

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