Acceptance – From a Different Perspective

by | May 12, 2020 | Blog

The implication and a definition of acceptance is one of approval. Hmmm.

What if we instead changed acceptance to one of acknowledgment? Flipping it on its head as it were.

I’m a firm believer of “acceptance doesn’t mean agreement,” and quote it in my first book.

We don’t have to agree with many of the things that happen in life, but when we step into the space to accept and acknowledge things for what they are or were, they lose their power over us.

A few years back I attended a workshop with Dr. Gretta Chamberlain. During the session she channeled a poem to us, something for us to say in the mirror every morning.

I love myself unconditionally.

I forgive unconditionally.

I love myself unconditionally.

I feel myself loving myself unconditionally.

I forgive myself unconditionally.

Nearly every morning since that workshop, I’ve stood in the mirror and recited this.

On a recently morning though, I noticed a wince, a funny look on my face. Headed out for a hike, I didn’t take any time to really think about my reaction. Yet while I was walking along, I began to ponder, what more is there for me to understand? What’s coming up for me to clear?

Having done a lot of healing and energy work, nothing was coming to mind. Feeling the tug that there’s something more, and not being able to figure it out.

I thought about past and current relationships.

About my weight.

My bank account.

I walked a little further, conversed with the trees, flowers and birds.


And then it hit me.

What is there not to accept?

I can’t change anything from the past. Right now, everything in life is exactly the way it is.

If there’s something I’m not happy with, I have the option to do something about it. Or, I can make the decision to accept and acknowledge it as it is.

So rather than looking for something to “fix”, which many times implies trying to change something from the past, or looking for something wrong, I have the power to change my perception of what is, right now.

In flipping the original question on its head, it freed up an incredible amount of mental energy.

It really felt like a holy f*ck moment!

Rather than looking for what’s wrong, which is our human nature and the way our brain is wired, this is looking for what’s right. A powerful shift in your perception.

If a relationship doesn’t feel good, we have the power to accept it as it is, or make a change. Sometimes even something as simple as saying what we need can make a huge difference.

Am I carrying more weight that I’d like? Yes. To beat myself up over it and not accept myself as I am, only serves to use up precious mental and emotional energy. I have the option to do something about it or accept it as it is.

This acknowledgement is the same for every aspect of life.

Flipping this question on its head takes “acceptance doesn’t mean agreement” to whole new levels. A different understanding of the aspects of your life.

Rather than giving your energy and power to something, it’s taking it back. And instead, using that energy for how you want to affect the aspects of your life. Right now.

Life as we know it has changed. How we perceive and acknowledge it is everything.


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