You Are Safe + a guided meditation

by | Mar 17, 2020 | Blog

Even though we’re in a state of limited travel, it feels like life has been turned upside down.

The world is swirling at an even faster pace, and little feels within our control.

On both sides of stay home / don’t stay home, there’s lots of opinions and there’s been a lot of shaming.

Personally, I’ve made the decision to minimize in-person contact. My healing work will solely be via the interwebs for the foreseeable future.

Others choose to be out and about.

We all have free will, and the ability to make our own choices.

This is an opportunity to release judgment and let go of what other people are doing. What you’re doing is right for you. And that’s the only opinion that matters. We all live with our own karma as a result of our choices.

But with this virus, we’ve been given an inordinate amount of time on our hands. Many are expressing themselves outwardly and it feels noisier than ever!

I see many turning off the world completely and numbing themselves.

We have a third option with this newfound time, time which so many of us have ask for.

It’s an opportunity to go within.

If you’ve been triggered by something someone is saying, rather than taking the bait or getting angry at the other person, it’s a chance to look at why.

What old emotion or feeling is ready to be released? Why are you feeling triggered?

Looking a little deeper, you may find it’s not the person in the present, it’s something from the past that’s come up to be released.

When we see that people are many times expressing their own fears, we don’t have to get caught up in their story. When we react to the other person, we feed into them justifying their opinion, and it becomes a no-win situation.

There’s already enough drama in the world.

Rather, step out of the swirl, examine what’s going on within you, and then do what you need to do for yourself.

This is a time where you’re being given an opportunity to go deeper into your center, to your core, and find your safety within.

You can use this time in countless ways. There is no right or wrong. There really is just where you are. And where you are is perfect.


I’ve recorded this guided meditation for you.

Listen when the world outside you feels crazy, or if you feel like you’re being triggered in some way, or if you’d simply like to turn off the outside world.

Let me know how you’re doing. You may be feeling more isolated and separate than ever in this crazy world, but remember that you are not alone.

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