What’s Driving You?

by | Nov 11, 2020 | Blog

Do you know where your thoughts and energy are taking you? It’s a vital question to explore and to understand.

Here in the U.S., we’re a week out of the election and more divided than ever. I’ve been watching with great interest and it’s a fascinating study in human behavior.

People who espouse “love and light,” many now proclaiming how hurt they are over ending friendships and family relationships.

People who espouse “freedom,” yet want to impose their ways of being and doing on others. Calling out the rigidity they see, and not able to see it in themselves.

Underneath it all are people who haven’t been heard in so long they have little to no capacity to understand the other side. Not realizing they’re attached to the old feelings of hurt, with the current energies feeding into it. It’s like a pot of boiling sugar with the molecules consuming each other.

For many reasons, we become who we are because of our life lessons, who we grew up around, who taught us, the environments we were surrounded by and in.

Many of those who raised us were living with their own challenges and may not have had the capacity to hear you. The childhood you experienced is in many ways very different from how you may see childhood now. We as adults haven’t crossed that bridge and continue to struggle with our old internalized energies.

We’re screaming inside!

I see so much baiting of the other and it’s a direct reflection of our unexpressed anger and emotions. Many calling out the other side and not seeing that they’re doing the exact same thing.

Are you being loyal to old stories of hurt and betrayal that are now being driven by the energies around you? It may feel like they’re rising up out of nowhere, but it’s nothing new. They’re coming up, to drive you in one direction or another.

Underneath it all, we were all born divine beings. Being here on this earth is a miracle in and of itself. But we’ve lost our connection to our divinity.

Do you really want to divorce yourself from old friends and family because of the sole reason that they support the other side?

Who are you underneath your layers? Who are your loved ones underneath their layers?

You won’t be heard until you hear yourself.

It’s a brave and deep reflection in the mirror. And you get to choose the reflection you see.

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