The State of You

by | Mar 31, 2020 | Blog

There’s a lot of noise right now. And a lot of uncertainty.

So much so, that it’s driving us to try to turn off the world. Turn off FB. Turn off the news. But when we turn off the physical noise of FB and the news, what we have left to look at is ourselves. So, we turn them back on.

Or when we turn them off, there’s still a lot of crazy kinetic energy all around us.

Because people not able to healthily express themselves are putting off a lot of energy waves and thought forms out into the ethers.

This energy all around us is stirring up our old stuff – old fears and old wounds. Some you thought you’d dealt with. I’ve even found myself saying,

“F*ck, I thought I was done with this!”

If you’re anything like me, you’ve asked for more time a gazillion times. It feels like there’s been this huge collective ask for more time. The thing is though, the universe has given us what we asked for, just not in the form we thought.

We have a choice of what to do with this inordinate amount of time many of us now have.

Personally, I’ve chosen to turn off much of the outside noise and am being very specific about what and when I tune to for my news.

With this gift of time, I’ve consciously asked Spirit for whole new layers of healing. Some of what’s come up has surprised me and it goes really deep and really far back.

Two days ago, I found myself sitting on my couch, releasing deeply seeded tears and emotions that surprised me. I journaled, cried some more, and the emotional release felt really, really good.

Being physically isolated, and the fears of the pandemic, are bringing up our old stuff, specifically so we can heal them. I’ve found that some of the things coming up, while I thought I was done with them, I was only done from a logical perspective.

The old energy was still swirling around in me.

Your clues are when you’re triggered or annoyed by something or someone. If you were done, you’d be neutral. The pen and paper can be a great revealer, using time to express yourself.

We have a choice of who we want to be on the other side.

Ask Spirit, “what is it you want me to heal?” and then be open to the answer.

What we think we want may not be what we get. But it’s always perfect and right on time.

The world is shifting.

The state of me is feeling clearer than ever before.

What’s the state of you now?


How do you want to shift and feel on the other side?

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