The Magic of Letting Go is Real, Part 1

by | Oct 15, 2019 | Blog

“The mountains are calling” was the whisper I heard. I knew it was time to move from NJ, but where to go? There was a comfort in the walls of my house, even though I knew it was time.

Comfort in not ripping apart my whole life after my divorce. I stayed and made the house my own. Familiarity felt safe.

Yet by living there, I was unknowingly tied to the energy of a dream that had died many years before.

I didn’t realize the ghosts that continued to embrace me until I was out and had time to unwind 14 years of living there.

This year of my heroine’s journey has glistened with many treasures, both light and dark, and the beauty of so many mirrors reflected back to me.

I set out on the road with two intentions: to stay in places with a view of the mountains where I could meditate, and to practice my energy work.

Locking my front door for the last time meant much more than merely turning a key. I lived with so much uncertainty for so many years that I grasped anything that felt somewhat solid, in any way, shape or form that it appeared.

We’ll cling to shaky foundations even when we know it isn’t good for our well-being. We hold onto this known, because, who would and where would we be without it?

I’ve learned that it takes more effort to resist than to it does to deal with something, or someone.

Moving through the wall can feel really crappy, which is why so many don’t. We resist. But in reality, we’re already in a sad embrace.

Part of the magic of letting go is that once we’re on the other side, we’re free.

Next week – part 2. People, places and things.

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