Energetic Limbo

by | Sep 8, 2020 | Blog

Indecision can feel like death by 1,000 paper cuts. The back and forth consumes your mental, physical and emotional energy. A lot of it. You don’t want to close yourself off from the potential of something else coming through. You’re not quite at yes.

It feels safer to not say anything. You might change your mind.

What you’re doing in this process is indicating to the universe your uncertainty, and by not speaking up one way or the other, you leave yourself in energetic limbo.

Making a decision doesn’t mean forever.

When you say yes, you’re committing something to yourself, that may or may not include another person. When you say no, it may feel like you’re closing a door and shutting yourself off. That there aren’t any options after the no.

Saying no brings to mind the Just Say No campaign, launched by Nancy Reagan as part of the War on Drugs. The premise was to teach children to rise above peer pressure. Easier said than done, and it implies that your ability to say no is stronger than the need to numb what you don’t want to feel or see, or to need to hold on to potential.

Saying no can be challenging at any stage in life, and especially so if you’ve experienced a situation where you’ve lost trust with someone who acted in a harmful way, either knowingly or not.

What if, though, that by saying no you’re actually opening yourself up to something new. That what you’re saying no to wasn’t supposed to happen right now. And that by saying no, there are new possibilities.

But it takes you saying no in order for the space to be created and opened up.

What do you want to create?

You might change your mind and can say yes with a clearer frame of mind at a later date. Or you may stay with the no.

The beauty of saying no is that if there’s another person involved, it creates a clean and clear space for you both.  Think about a time when you asked a person for an answer, and how you felt when you didn’t receive it. It feels incomplete, like they’re still holding on to a piece of you.

There’s space created either way. Limbo, where the energy of the indecision stays. Or the open space and energy of possibility.

You create a new beginning with a clear ending.

Stephanie B. McAuliffe
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